Official page of Jesse Rocks! A Viking from the cold north. A Musician and a Filmmaker.
Shot this cool little green video for Travis Garland one night. Simple idea but looks pretty nice.
Working on a new Music Video for great artists with an amazing crew.
I'm so committed to the project that I let them destroy my car on screen! (RIP Sheila)

BACHELOR'S Guide to sexual adventures

This is a guidebook that I wish I had when I first started experimenting with sex. 

In this book, I run through the whole process from setting the mood and doing foreplay to making her climax. I also talk about sex under the influence of different drugs and go through some of the most common kinky fetishes. I will share some of my deepest and most embarrassing secrets in order for you to laugh and learn from them. 

What motivated me to write this guide is the desire to explore and share information on one of our most primal human instincts, sex. This is a topic that I think everybody should learn more about, and I deeply wish there was a book like this while I was growing up. So, in short, this guide is for anyone who want's to understand and improve his or her sex life! 
A teaser from a music-video I shot for Dylan Dauzat. Check it out! Video coming out soon..
New York was amazing. There is so much to see and experience. Here are a few shots from around the town. 
I got the privilege to work with some of the top artists in the industry. We filmed a music video for my main man PooBear. The video is not finished and I can't tell you more about it just yet, but maybe these pictures will say enough.
The Monologue from the end of Transformers. ( I have not modified the voice at all ). What do you think?
Took a trip to San Francisco and Yosemite - national park. Here are a few pictures I managed to take along the way.
We shot two projects in Arizona - A Star Wars film and a Rock music Video.
The whole crew stayed at an amazing place called Cowtown! 
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